Euregio Summer School 2.0


The primary goal of the Euregio Summer School 2.0 is to open a cross-border perspective for students during an innovative trinational event format.

Euregio Summer School 2019 
Euregio Summer School 2019

The Euregio Summer School is a joint program of the leading universities in the Euregio. Students from different disciplines and countries will collaborate in order to improve the well-being of the
people living in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine (EMR). By making use of the benefi ts of digitalisation (ease of communication + networking, app & echnology based solutions) you will be working in interdisciplinary & international groups on challenges related to existing mobility & accessibility ssues in the EMR.

Our common goals are smart solutions for the well-being of all citizens within the Euregio! Your developed, reinforced and pitched output
throughout one week could e.g. deliver practical solutions in terms of the inclusion of disadvantaged citizens, the low degree of perception of crossborder public transport or the moderate interlinkages between students in the EMR.

For more information : Take a look at the flyer below.

GECT Euregio Meuse-Rhin
Gospertstraße 42
B – 4700 Eupen
Tel.: +32 (0)87 789 639

Provinz Limburg B
Provinz Limburg NL
Region Aachen
Provinz Lüttich
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