History: relatives of Charlemagne
since 1976 reunited in the ‘Euregio Meuse-Rhine’, one of the oldest so called Euroregions of Europe and the EMR stood in 1991 at birth bed of INTERREG, the EU’s cross border program.

Geography: mini-Europe
5 partner regions from 3 EU member states covering 10.700km²: the German ‘Zweckverband’ (Association) Region Aachen, the Dutch Province of Limburg, the Belgian Provinces of Limburg & Liège, the Germanspeaking Community of Belgium.

‘Stichting’ (Foundation) EMR: engine for cross border cooperation
connecting people, organizations & ideas to dismantle border obstacles and improve life in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine

INTERREG EMR: EU cofinanced petrol for the engine
almost 400 projects realized in the past 25 years, +180 million euros of EU cofinancing

Structure: lean & mean
Strategic decisions by the EMR Board presided by the President, operational management by the EMR Bureau led by the Managing Director working closely with euregional networks & associations.


Languages: mini-Babel
Dutch, French, German & some Ripuarian

People: many talents
home to 4 million inhabitants

Economy: busy bees
1,9 million employees, of which 43 000 crossborder commuters working at 246 000 companies

Education & research: bright minds
128 000 students at 22 universities & university colleges and 300 research companies, particularly strong in life sciences

Connections: on the move
8 airports within 125km (among Liège Airport & Maastricht-Aachen Airport) , 2 high speed railway stations (Liège & Aachen), 3rd largest inland port in Europe (Liège)

Facilities: mens sana in corpore sano
+100 hospitals and +200 musea

EVTZ Euregio Maas-Rhein
Gospertstraße 42
B – 4700 Eupen
Tel.: +32 (0)87 789 639

Provinz Limburg B
Provinz Limburg NL
Region Aachen
Provinz Lüttich
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